Olive X HSN Airing (June/15th 10pm ET) - Olive Union
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Olive X HSN Airing (June/15th 10pm ET)

Written by Nicholas Dahl - June 14, 2020

Olive X HSN Airing (June/15th 10pm ET)


Still have a lot of questions about Olive Smart Ear? Would you like to know more? 

We have a HSN airing scheduled for this Monday 10 PM EST for the people just like you! Bob Circosta will explain everything about the Olive, and go through every detail of the product.
We will also have an Exclusive HSN Deal, only available for people watching the show!

It will take only 15 minutes. Quick and Simple. Please schedule this in your night and don’t miss out on the exclusive deal!

Here is the direct link to HSN: https://www.hsn.com/watch/live You can even watch it live with your smartphone!

Our guest for the show – The One and Only Bob Circosta!

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