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Best Buy – Olive Smart Ear Featured on the “Best Buy Blog”

Best Buy – Olive Smart Ear Featured on the “Best Buy Blog”

January 9, 2020

The Olive Smart Ear was featured on Best Buy’s blog.


Olive Smart Ear is listed on Health Tech at CES 2020.

This device for those who are hard of hearing is designed to help take the stigma away from wearing hearing aids. It looks more like a tiny true wireless earbud than it does a hearing aid. Pop it into your ear and it will provide different sounds through the partner app so you can customize the listening experience to you. You can access the app any time to adjust the levels, including removing certain ambient sounds, increasing (or decreasing) sensitivity and levels based on your surroundings, and more. It offers up to 7 hours of listening time and charges in a compact, pocket-sized charging case that can keep it charged all day. You can also use to make and receive phone calls via Bluetooth connection.

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